13 inch Big Head Mask
13 inch Big Head Mask
13 inch Big Head Mask
13 inch Big Head Mask
13 inch Big Head Mask

13 inch Big Head Mask

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13" Big Head Mask

Product dimensions :- 34.2 x 25.4 x 17.7 cm
Material:- High quality soft plush material

- Furry, Friendly and Ready for Fun!
- Costumes are a great way to let loose and have a little fun.
- And while masks can help complete a look.
- They’re often far from functional.
- Eating, drinking and even seeing are next to impossible.
- Forcing you to take off your costume midway through the night.
- With an Animal Face Mask, you’re sure to be the life of the party!
- You can transform into a cat, panda, unicorn and pug, from Halloween and costume parties to pep rallies and cosplay conventions.
- Each one is surprisingly versatile and great to have on-hand whenever you need a quick and easy costume.
- While most masks hinder fun, our functional design keeps it going!
- See-through mesh and an open mouth allow you to talk, see and drink freely.
- Lightweight and ultra-soft, they’re comfortable, easy to wear and spacious enough for all users, even if you wear glasses.
- With a 10-12” high interior, they offer a secure fit for adults, teens and some children.
- Werely on premium materials and expert designs to create head masks that are comfortable, durable and undeniably cute.
- Great for a wide range of holidays and events
- Functional and easy to slip on
- Roomy, comfortable and breathable
- Soft, lightweight design
- Made with premium materials
- 13" / 33cm approx
- One size fits all
- Available Designs:- Panda, Unicorn, Pug, Cat.