Cast Iron Rotary Pump

Cast Iron Rotary Pump

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The Faithfull Cast Iron Rotary Pump is an economical and simple solution for the manual dispensing of diesel and oil, primarily from a drum, but also from other types of storage tanks.

Complete with a 2in bung adaptor for a secure hold and a built-in strainer to filter out any contaminants. Robust cast iron construction and a telescopic suction tube, that when extended can reach a maximum length of 1m.

Due to the cast iron construction this pump is not suitable for handling liquids with a flash point below 55°C.


Pipe Length: 1000mm
Max. Capacity: 205 litres
Max. Flow Rate: 310ml per revolution
Max. Viscosity: 410cSt
Oils up to: SAE140
Temperature Range: -10°C to +55°C