Duracell Rechargable Batteries

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Duracell Rechargable Batteries

Product dimensions :- 1.1x1.1x4.5cm

-Duracell Recharge Plus AAA batteries stay charged for up to 6 months
-Unused Duracell Recharge Plus batteries are guaranteed to last 3 years
-Duracell Recharge Plus batteries can be recharged up to 400 times
-Suited for regularly used devices like a wireless mouse or baby phone
-They're available in AA and AAA sizes
-They work in any NiMH charger

Available Batteries

AAA 750 mAh
AAA 800 mAh
AA 2500 mAh
AA 1300 mAh
C2 3000 mAh
D2 3000 mAh
9V 170 mAh