Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle
Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle
Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle
Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle
Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle

Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle

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Energizer LED Lantern Torch Bundle:

Energizer Lantern Torch + 2 AA Batteries:

Energizer branded torches, all ideal for everyday use, especially when on the go. Each torch is uniquely designed with multiple individual features, providing a range of convenient products for multiple tasks where directed light is required, even including hands-free options. All products are battery-operated, please check individual products in regards to battery inclusion.

Key Features :
-Batteries are included with every torch or headlight to power the torches for 40+ hours at a time.
-Impact Rubber Torch +2 AA Batts.
-Our Products are brand new and boxed pack & this product can be classified as Tools, Torches.

Energizer LED Lantern Water Resistant Tray:

Energizer LED lantern no tray energizer holdings are one of the world's largest manufacturers of primary batteries portable flashlights and lanterns. Energizer is a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products including energizer brand battery products such as Energizer eco advanced Energizer Max Energizer ultimate lithium.

Key Features :
-Assembled Product Weight:0.948 Pounds.
-Material: Polyethylene.
-Bright White LED lasts 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
-Energizer LED construction with shatterproof lens survives 1-meter drop.
-Large reflector for the larger beam.
-Lantern floats for easy recovery in water.

Energizer Camping LED Lantern:

The Energizer 360° Area Lantern is a versatile solution that provides bright, room-filling area light for a variety of uses. Featuring energy-efficient LED technology, this lantern can operate for extended periods on either AA or D size batteries. With three light modes – high, low or amber nightlight users can choose the brightness that best meets their activity. In addition, the waterproof design makes it an ideal choice for outdoor activities or power-outage situations. 

Key Features :
-Lantern ideal for camping and your outdoor activities.
-Easily hangs via handle or hanging clip on the bottom.
-Floats for added security.
-Nightlight function.
-Runs for days on just 3 AA batteries, Runs for weeks on 3 D batteries.

Energizer Fusion 2in1 Standing LED Light:

The Energizer Multi-Function Flashlight with Light Fusion Technology delivers a truly versatile solution for any task. Select from either a bright spot application or impressively bright area light. With a sturdy tripod feature and pivoting head, this light flexes for excellent hands-free application. For use as a handheld flashlight, simply fold in the compact legs.
IDEAL: The Energizer branded torch is an ideal everyday flashlight. Some include an attached wristband, making the torch perfect for on the go usage.
UNIQUE: Its unique magnetic feature increases the convenience of the product.

Key Features :
-Pivoting head aims to spotlight where needed.
-Fold-out legs for hands-free directional or area lighting.
-Integrated hanging hook for maximum versatility.
-Features unique Light Fusion Technology for impressively bright, uniform lighting in a compact size product.
-Dimmable, Press and hold to adjust the light to the desired level on both spot and area modes.