Envie Luxury 2 Way Brush Cleaning Glove - Green
Envie Luxury 2 Way Brush Cleaning Glove - Green
Envie Luxury 2 Way Brush Cleaning Glove - Green

Envie Luxury 2 Way Brush Cleaning Glove - Green

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  • SPECIAL DESIGN : Brush cleaning glove has one side specially designed for your larger brushes, and the other for use with your smaller brushes. The design of the mitt gives you more control and allows you to squeeze all excess water from your brushes, ensuring they won’t need to be replaced due to lack of care.
  • CUT YOUR CLEANING TIME IN HALF : Unique textures will make cleaning your brushes a walk in the park. Stop getting your hand dirty and smelly, and stop wasting your precious time on cleaning, and start spending it on things you really love.
  • PROLONGS YOUR COSMETIC BRUSHES LIFESPAN : Regular cleaning will not only diminish the chances of facial breakouts but will also ensure your brushes remain like new and are always ready for the perfect makeover.
  • SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION : 100% organic medical grade silicone, safe and non irritating. Don't worry that the skin will be allergic. No water absorption, no bacteria to survive, a natural antibacterial. The most convenient and effective way to clean accumulated cosmetics, oil, dirt, and bacteria off of your make-up brushes.
  • NON-SLIP GLOVES : Palm with powerful grip bristles, finger joints with anti-skid rugged texture, the gloves wherever provides a strong grip force to hold heavy things or wet objects without slides and drops.

Features :

  • Non-slip, anti-scalding, quick and easy to use.
  • Very useful for cleaning various of your make-up brushes.
  • Compact in size and fits easily in your make-up case.
  • Made of high-quality silicone, will not damage your brushes.
  • Clean your make-up brush collection more effectively, easily and quickly. 
  • Quickly wash, away from oil stain and keeping a strong grip.