GVC Convector Heater DL01S
GVC Convector Heater DL01S

GVC Convector Heater DL01S

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GVC Convector Heater DL01S

Product dimensions : 57 x 40 x 13 cm

Product Description :

  • Quick Heat, Quick Results : The technology behind convector heaters enables them to heat up quickly compared to other heaters.
  • Lightweight And Easy To Move : This heater is lightweight and easy to move around from room to room. It features easy to hold carry handles on the sides to make lifting it even easier.
  • Handles are designed on both sides for being portable.
  • Sleek And Modern Design : The heater features a clean, modern design, which makes it ideal for homes and offices where you need a heater to warm you up during the winter months.
  • Free Standing : The heater is completely versatilte and can be either free standing to warm up your living/bedroom .

Product Features :

  • 2KW Convector Heater 3 Heat settings
  • Illuminated control switch Adjustable thermostat Heater
  • With carry handles, With Thermostat