Haven Grow Bag
Haven Grow Bag
Haven Grow Bag

Haven Grow Bag

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Haven Grow Bag

- Product dimension : 30x18x2cm

- Material: Nonwoven cloth

- Capacity: 7 gallons / 26.5L

-7-gallon garden grow bag comes with visualization velcro window ability to quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and harvest them directly without having to dig in clay soil!

-Moisture-proof, breathable, flexible non-woven fabric combined with three reinforced drainage holes on the bottom, Potato grow bag allows roots to breathe enough, grow
healthier, and boosts plant growth and yields!

-Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting.
Ideal for patios, small gardens, balconies,
sunrooms, and any outdoor space.

-Lightweight waterproof easy to hanging with
handles, Heavy Duty, can be used in anywhere.

-When crops finished, split the bag open and
recycle the soil or compost. Clean the grow
bag, storage for next planting