Perfect Roll Sushi Maker

Perfect Roll Sushi Maker

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Perfect Roll Sushi Maker:

-Always a better idea: It is the leading home and housewares company in Europe and Germany. Their innovation in cleaning, laundry, and kitchen makes them a household name. Now you can get to know them too.

-Layer in ingredients: Start with a classic roll by laying in seaweed strips first, then rice. Or make rolls inside out with rice first, and then seaweed. Place filling (fruit, avocado, vegetables, fish, shrimp, etc.

-Curl anchor bar around and into holder: Set the bar into the slot in the middle of the roll. This will start your roll on one side!

-Pull the tab up and over: Grasp the pull tab and gently pull up and around the anchor bar to finish the roll. Give the rice a moment to stick and--Presto--a Perfect Sushi Roll!

Key Features:

-Tasty recipe ideas included right inside the box.
-Magic Roll, easy to make fill, pull, done!
-Creates elegant sushi rolls at home
-Easily used by pros and beginners
-Includes recipe book
-Use for any rolled food-not just sushi.

Product Specifications:

-Includes cutting guide for properly sizing leaves-Color: Black
-Utensil Head Material: -Plastic. Product Type: -Seafood tool
-Dimensions: Length - Top to Bottom: -3"
-Width - Side to Side: -7.5"
-Depth - Front to Back: -3"
-Product Weight: -0.6 lbs

Package Contents: 1 x Sushi Roller