Soft Baseball Bat and Ball Set
Soft Baseball Bat and Ball Set

Soft Baseball Bat and Ball Set

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Soft Baseball Bat and Ball Set

Product Dimension :
Baseball bat : 52 cm
Ball : 8 cm

Product Description :

  • A baseball foam set, but this set is also perfect when playing softball.
  • The bat is made of soft foam and therefore perfect for children.
  • Enjoy some family time with this set in the garden or playground.
  • Perfect for beach, poolside or backyard baseball games. great backyard fun!
  • This Baseball set is perfect for the beginner player. It's a great way to teach the young player hand and eye coordination.
  • It has a sturdy & fine finish and is soft and safe for kids to play.
  • Suitable for children above 3 years of age.
  • The Baseball Sets are made from non-toxic materials which ensures the bat is safe for the kids.
  • It look very attractive and it will be kid's favorite in no time.