Tobar Poo Head
Tobar Poo Head

Tobar Poo Head

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Tobar Poo Head Game

Product dimension:15x15x15cm

Materiel - Polyester 

-Novelty catching game with Velcro hat and plush balls   shaped  like mounds of poo.
-The set comes with a head cap equipped with Velcro strips,   as well as three soft poops that adhere to these strips.
-The aim of the game is for players to throw the mounds of   poo and catch them with the cap whilst wearing it.
-It's very energetic and silly fun that's guaranteed to draw a   smile from anyone who plays (or even spectates!)
-Catching game
-Cap with Velcro strips
-Three plush poops that adhere to Velcro
-Catch poops with the caps
-For up to two players